Types of Metallic Threads For Embroidery in India

Metal & Metallic threads are highly used in Hand Embroidery art forms like Aari, Zardosi, Cross Stitch and Machine Embroidery in India and everywhere. It’s very important to understand the make, strength & finish of metallic thread before we use them for any kind of embroidery work.

The most popular Metallic Embroidery Threads are

Metal Zari Threads: This is basically a soft round copper metal rolled wire. Truly can be called Metal thread because unlike other below threads that are metallic  (combination of metal & other fibers) this one is completely made of metal. These are really strong & durable thin metal wires of 0.2MM size. Couching stitch is the most preferable way to use these threads for embroidery. You can also use them for making jewelry.

Flat Badla Metallic Zari Threads: This is actually a flat plastic strip that is finished with metallic look and wrapped on a spool. Its stretchable and very thin. Use this only for machine work because in hand or cross-stitch embroidery, it breaks a lot.  If you are looking for sparkle finish in your designs then go for these.

Fully Wrapped Metallic Threads: Also, knows as Japan Threads. Earlier these threads were developing by making a strip of usually silver metal (dyed in gold) and then wrapping it around the silk or cotton threads. Now, a plastic strip is finished with metallic shine and that is wrapped around the nylon threads in continuous length. You can get 0.1MM to 2MM size metallic threads in this.  It’s advisable to use these thin threads of 0.1mm size for Machine work because it takes a lot of time to fill any design with these. Threads of 1MM or above size are used for hand embroidery.

Multi Strands Zari Threads: One of the favorites of Indian wedding fashion designers. A single yarn is making by wrapping a polyester metallic tape on cotton or rayon thread. Usually 3 to 6 strands of metallic yarns are then tightly twisted together to make this thread. Perfect for Aari and Zardosi work. Comes in the size of 0.5MM to 1MM. You can also make jewelry strings because these metallic threads are soft on human body.

Metallic Thread FlossCross Stitch Embroidery lover’s choice for decorative stitches. Also, made by wrapping a foil tape on cotton or rayon yarn. And then mostly 10 to 12 strands of these yarns are again loosely twisted together to make the floss threads. Size starts from 1MM and you get 6 to 8 meters of threads in one floss skein. You can easily separate the strands and use them according to your stitch thickness requirement.

Partly Wrapped Metallic Threads: Also, known as Neem zari. These are usually made in India on hand held looms. Sometime, The plastic strip is first crinkled or as usual kept it straight and then wrapped around the cotton or rayon threads in equal intervals. So, the base cotton or rayon and sometime the base metallic thread are also visible in these designs. Use it only for Hand Embroidery.

We hope that the above details of Metallic threads help you in making your decision of what type of thread to buy for your design. If you still have any query then please mail us at care@embroiderymaterial.com and we will get back to you. Thank you for you time.


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