YKK Metal Zip #5 Brass Metal Jacket Zipper (White), Open end DIY Sewing Crafts for All Kinds of Sewing and Tailoring Crafts, Including Sewing Dresses

  1. Size and Type: The “#5” size of the zipper teeth. The size #5 indicates the width of the zipper teeth in millimeters. This size is commonly used for jackets, bags, and other heavy-duty items.
  2. Material: This zipper is made of brass metal, providing durability and strength. The brass material is often chosen for its resistance to corrosion and its ability to withstand wear and tear, making it suitable for outerwear like jackets.
  3. Color and Design: zipper tape (the fabric part) is white while the teeth and slider are brass-colored. This color combination can complement various fabric colors and designs, especially in garments like dresses or jackets.
  4. Open-End Style: The “open end” design means that the zipper can be completely separated when unzipped, allowing the fabric pieces on either side of the zipper to be completely apart. It’s commonly used for jackets or coats where easy removal or opening of the garment is required.
  5. DIY Sewing Crafts: These zippers are suitable for various sewing and tailoring projects, including sewing dresses, jackets, coats, bags, and other crafts that require a durable and reliable zipper closure.
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YKK is a well-known brand in the zipper industry, recognized for its quality and reliability. When selecting zippers for your sewing projects, considering the size, color, type of material, and intended use is crucial to ensure they suit your specific project needs.

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