Flying tiger needels ( DB ) Embroidery Machine Needles ( DB – 11 ) Round Head Pack of 10 pcs each

  1. Brand: Flying Tiger
  2. Needle Type: DB-11
  3. Quantity: Pack of 10 needles
  4. Head Shape: Round Head
  5. Purpose: Specifically crafted for use in embroidery machines, these needles are likely suited for specific fabrics or embroidery techniques, considering their design and intended usage.


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Product Description

DB-11 needles, being compatible with embroidery machines, are typically designed to provide precise stitching, durability, and compatibility with various fabrics used in embroidery projects. The “DB” might refer to a specific needle system or type used in certain embroidery machines or industries. The round head shape is a common configuration suitable for specific embroidery techniques and materials.