Anchor Stranded Cotton SKEINS/Embroidery Threads Longstitch/Cross Stitch 8 mtrs skeins (0229)

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  • 8mts skeins (Pack of 10 pcs )
  • Material: Anchor cotton skeins are made of 100% cotton, which makes them smooth, durable, and suitable for various embroidery techniques.
  • Color Range: They offer an extensive range of colors, from basic shades to variegated or multi-colored options, catering to different embroidery projects’ needs and creative preferences.
  • Thread Thickness: These skeins come in different thicknesses or weights, typically categorized by numbers. Thinner threads are suitable for delicate embroidery, while thicker ones work well for more prominent stitching.
  • Usage: Anchor cotton skeins are commonly used for embroidery on various fabrics like cotton, linen, and even some synthetics. They work for hand embroidery, cross-stitching, needlepoint, and other decorative stitching techniques.
  • Versatility: These threads are versatile, allowing crafters to blend colors, create shading effects, or use them in combination with other embroidery threads to achieve intricate designs and textures.
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Anchor is a well-known brand that produces various crafting materials, including cotton embroidery threads or skeins. Anchor cotton skeins are popular among embroidery enthusiasts for their quality and wide range of vibrant colors.

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