Anchor Knitting Pearl Cotton Fast Colour Cotton Thread Yarn Balls – Mercer Pearl Cotton 10gm Ball Yarn Pack of 1 Cotton Ball (Black)

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  • pack of 1pcs 10gm ball each
  • Anchor Mercer Pearl cotton, is a versatile soft thread with a pearly sheen on it. This gives your work an extra glossy effect.
  • Ideal for – all types of hand embroidery – Free style & Counted thread, and Lace crafts like Crochet & Knitting.
  • Imported Egyptian cotton fiber –Highly absorbent and static resistant
  • Long staple cotton – superior strength
  • Double Mercerized – Superior luster & strength


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Product Description

Knitting with pearl crochet cotton thread can create beautiful and delicate projects. Pearl crochet cotton thread is a type of thread that is often used for fine crochet work, lace-making, and other intricate projects. It is known for its smooth texture, lustrous appearance, and strength. Here are some tips for knitting with pearl crochet cotton thread: Choose the right needles: When working with pearl crochet cotton thread, it’s best to use smaller needles to achieve a tight and neat stitch. Depending on your project, you may use double-pointed needles, circular needles, or straight needles. Select a needle size that complements the thickness of your thread and the desired tension. Tension and gauge: Pay attention to your tension and gauge while knitting with pearl crochet cotton thread. Since the thread is thinner compared to regular yarn, it’s important to maintain an even tension to create consistent stitches. Check your gauge by knitting a small swatch before starting your project. Start with simple patterns: If you’re new to knitting with pearl crochet cotton thread, it’s a good idea to start with simple patterns. Choose projects that involve basic stitches, such as garter stitch or stockinette stitch, to get familiar with working with this type of thread. Use stitch markers: Stitch markers can be helpful in keeping track of your stitches, especially when working on intricate patterns. They can help you identify specific stitch counts, pattern repeats, or sections of your project. Take breaks and be patient: Working with pearl crochet cotton thread requires attention to detail and patience. Take breaks if you feel your hands becoming fatigued or if you find yourself losing focus. It’s better to take your time and enjoy the process. Block your finished project: Blocking is a process of shaping and setting your finished project to its intended dimensions. For projects made with pearl crochet cotton thread, blocking can help open up lace patterns, even out

Weight 10 g